5 Best Bible Study Methods for Beginners

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Starting to study the Bible can be an exhilarating and enlightening experience. That is not to say it will be easy though. The Bible is a fairly complex compilation of religious texts that tell the story of the entire genesis of Christianity. It was written over the course of several centuries some thousands of years ago. That means it will require some dedication, a good mindset, and the proper tools in order to be studied and understood in its entirety. There are several Bible study methods for beginners out there, so we should definitely explore them. 

The Bible Chat App has a clear mission: to help you on your journey through faith and spirituality in every possible way. Harnessing the power of AI to provide you with the ultimate study app is just part of our mission though. The other part is keeping you informed and up to date with everything that can have an impact on the way you understand and process the information in the Bible. That is where Bible study methods come in. Here’s what you should know.

What Are Bible Study Methods and Why Are They Important?

While the definition of Bible study methods tells a pretty clear story of what they are all about, it is important to understand right off the bat that they represent a lot more than what they seem at first glance. Bible study methods generally refer to different strategies, techniques, and various approaches one might employ while studying the Bible.

They are tools and practices that will aid in engaging, understanding the content, and absorbing the messages from the Bible. They facilitate a more in-depth comprehension of the Bible texts, allowing readers to discover new layers of meaning while studying God’s word and will. 

The importance of these Bible study methods for beginners is pretty straightforward. As mentioned before, the Scripture is by no means an easy read. First, it is relatively difficult to read because of the fact that it was written by several authors over the course of centuries, so the language used, tone of voice, and overall style differs considerably from one part to another. 

Second, there is a lot of deep meaning within the content of the Bible. Understanding it in its entirety is definitely difficult, and every aspiring believer will need to accept the fact that they might miss something regardless of how hard they try not to. 

The Bible is a complex collection of texts that can simply mean different things to different people. Everyone is free to understand it and interpret it however they feel. The Bible study methods for beginners simply allow people to discover the Bible in a way that enhances their understanding and gives them a chance to truly let themselves get immersed in the beauty of spirituality.

What Are the Best Simple Bible Study Methods for Beginners?

Examining a list of the best Bible study methods will only lead you to one conclusion: there are plenty of ways you can choose to approach studying the Bible. While all of them are effective in their own way, what matters most, for now, is to try and figure out which ones are most appropriate for beginners. 

One thing you always need to remember is that different Bible study methods yield different results. Choosing the one that is best suited for your level and for your goals will have a powerful effect on the experience and the final outcome. Here are some of the best Bible study methods for beginners we were able to identify.

1. The Book Overview

As you know, the Bible is a compilation of several books written by different authors. To be precise, there are more than 60 books within the Bible we know today. Reading each book individually in a certain order that facilitates understanding the main ideas of the Bible will have a positive effect on the way you comprehend and experience the Scripture.

The ideal order should be:

  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus
  3. Joshua
  4. Samuel 1
  5. Samuel 2
  6. Kings 1
  7. Kings 2
  8. Ezra
  9. Nehemiah
  10. Habakkuk
  11. Proverbs
  12. Luke
  13. Acts
  14. Ephesians
  15. Revelation

As long as you read these 15 books in this particular order, the rest of the books can be read in any order you want. 

The idea of this Bible study method is to make sure that you see the Bible as individual parts and to respect its message in an order that makes sense. This way, you will gain a better understanding of the Bible both from a historical context point of view and through its actual meaning.

Reading the books individually will also put less pressure on the experience. Your goal will be reached through several milestones that are easier to achieve. Studying the Bible is a complicated process, but it becomes a lot easier and more meaningful when you do it in small increments. 

2. Character Study

A different way to go would be to focus on one character at a time. This allows you to better understand each personality individually and gives you a better overview of the role each one played in the essence of Christianity.

You get to gain a better understanding of their journey, their challenges, and their growth. While this may seem like an overwhelming experience at first, you will find plenty of guides online for each particular character so you know where to start and where to finish. 

This approach will look a bit like a chaotic process, but with some guidance and a little dedication, you will soon learn that it makes perfect sense to simply follow some of the most important personalities individually throughout the biblical narrative.

Some of the most appropriate characters to follow for beginners are:

  • David
  • Peter
  • Esther

They all played important roles in the Bible and they have interesting enough stories throughout the books. They can represent a great starting point on your journey to study the Bible thoroughly as a beginner.

3. The SOAP Bible Study

Somewhat different from the methods I already listed above, this one comes as an even more structured approach to Bible study. 

SOAP stands for:

  • Scripture
  • Observation
  • Application 
  • Prayer

How this works is pretty simple. During the Scripture stage of the method, you should choose a particular Bible passage to study. Whether you choose an entire passage, just a few verses or a whole book from the Bible is up to you, the process remains basically the same. 

Once you’ve made your choice, start reading the Bible passage you decided to focus on. 

The Observation stage is where you get to actually study. Jot down the key points of what you read, make observations, and try to understand the true meaning of the words. Look up unfamiliar words, question what you read, and engage with the text as much as possible.

The Application stage refers to actually putting into practice what we learn from the Bible. Whether that is through actions or just by imagining how the concepts from the Bible can be applied in real life, the process is the same. Try to figure out how the Bible encourages us to live our lives in the passage you just read. How can you apply the principles to real-life situations?

Prayer is the final step of this method and is pretty self-explanatory. Be thankful for the experience, ask God for inspiration, patience, and power to keep going, and move on to the next passage of the Bible you want to study. 

4. The Devotional Method

This method focuses more on the experience than on the actual outcome of your study sessions. It is ideal for beginners not necessarily because of its efficiency or ease of use, but for the way, it connects the reader to the spiritual experience surrounding reading the Bible.

This method involves reading the Bible however you see fit, with the sole condition of actually reflecting on everything you read on a very personal level. Read each verse as if it were a guide to living your life. Through intense introspection, try and figure out how God’s ways can be applied to your existence.

This will bring you closer to God, you will gain a more spiritual connection to the Bible, and you will understand its teachings on a more personal level. The devotional method is the most wholesome Bible study method. 

5. The Chapter Summary Method

One of the most popular methods to study the Bible, this one encourages you to study the Bible chapter by chapter. Simply read one chapter of the Bible at a time, focusing on all of its details, reflecting on the lessons and the ideology presented, and trying to absorb its teachings as well as possible.

Once you finish reading a chapter, according to this method, you should try and summarize it. Whether you do it with a pen and a piece of paper or using a different method, what is truly important is to always try to extract the essential ideas and write them down.

This process is going to bring you closer to understanding the ideology of the Bible and will help you better comprehend what you read. 

While there are many other methods out there, these are the ones we found to be the best Bible study methods for beginners. Choose whichever one feels right for you, but remember: on top of choosing the right method, you will also benefit from choosing the right Bible study tools to aid the process. 

What Bible Study Tools Should I Use?

Study Bibles are available in different versions and formats but they will limit your understanding of the Bible to the side notes and commentaries or additions made by other authors. While reading the Bible and finding other interesting perspectives is definitely not a bad thing, there are better things you can do.

For example, you should know that there are hundreds of online resources you can go to in order to learn how to study the Bible better or additional explanations for the things that are still unclear. These online communities are great sources of inspiration or information for those who are just getting started with reading the Bible and studying its contents through different methods. 

If you are looking for the absolute best way to study the Bible, one thing that shouldn’t miss from your toolbox is the Bible Chat app. Our revolutionary tool combines the power of artificial intelligence with the beauty and wisdom of the Bible. It can be your ultimate guide on your journey through spirituality and faith. Here’s how:

  • You can chat with your personal AI spirituality assistant: whether you want to ask a question about something in the Bible that is unclear or you just need some guidance on your journey, our chatbot has all the answers
  • Ask for a plan to achieve your Bible-related goals: our AI chatbot is going to help you personalize the experience of reading the Bible and understanding its contents. 
  • Get personalized prayers: our AI chatbot can help you create the best prayers tailored to your particular needs. Just tell the chatbot what is troubling you and you will instantly receive the right prayer. 

Final thoughts on Bible study methods for beginners

These study methods can be incredibly helpful in the process of understanding the Bible. What matters most though is to have the right mindset and good motivation. Having faith and believing in the process goes a long way when it comes to exploring your spirituality. Having the right tools, like the Bible Chat app, can make things even more enlightening.

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