What Questions to Ask When Studying the Bible?

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Reading the Bible is a highly introspective experience. Whether you do it for the first time, or whether you’re already a seasoned Bible reader, you will always find new questions to ask and answer. Finding the right questions to ask when studying the Bible can completely change the experience and can bring you one step closer to your spiritual goals.

We sure know a thing or two about questions, since our Bible Chat app is the ultimate way for any Christian to get their answers. Our AI-powered app has been developed with the sole purpose of being an amazing guide through faith and spirituality, while also being able to answer any question about the Bible or pretty much anything else. Here’s a little of what we learned about the importance of Bible study questions.

Why Is Asking Questions Important While Reading the Bible?

Studying the Bible is not an easy task and keeping your faith strong is also rather challenging at times. God’s ways are not always easy to understand and some of us sometimes struggle throughout our journey. On top of this, asking questions is a critical way for readers to deeply engage with the text. 

Through thorough questioning, you will gain a more in-depth understanding of the religious teachings and the process will encourage self-development, and spiritual growth, and will strengthen your connection with the Scripture and your faith. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should always ask questions while reading the Bible.

1. Better Understanding

Questioning while reading the Bible will inevitably lead to a better understanding of the text. Asking good Bible study questions will slow you down, and will force you to find the answers to your questions, and this can only mean that you are going to be more involved in the teachings of the Scripture.

By asking questions, you will gain a better understanding of the historical context, you will explore new ways of looking at the contents of the Bible, and you will even increase the amount of information you actually remember. 

2. Deeper Connection

By asking questions, you turn reading the Bible into a much more introspective and enlightening experience. The questions may not always be about the text itself, but about the way it applies to your own life. 

Questioning what the teachings of the Bible mean to you personally or how you can use them in your day-to-day situations is going to make the Bible study sessions much more wholesome. This will strengthen your connection to God and spirituality.

3. Strengthening Your Faith

We all struggle at times with keeping our faith. Asking questions while reading the Bible will force you to look deeper for answers. Your quest to find the answers you seek to consolidate your faith is going to shed some light on things you may have missed before.

Faith is consolidated by convincing yourself that you are on the right path, and this can only be done through questioning and finding the right answers to those questions.

4. Clarifying Your Beliefs

Asking deep Bible study questions is a great way of adjusting your moral compass and clarifying your beliefs. There are many aspects of the Bible that are open to interpretation.

While understanding the Bible and absorbing the content is important, what is even more relevant is how we apply those principles in real life. Figuring out where you stand on various spiritual and ethical issues exposed in the Bible can only be done by asking yourself the right questions and doing some deep introspection.

What Questions to Ask When Studying the Bible?

Whether it’s general Bible study questions or deeper ones, the important thing to remember is that you should never hesitate to ask them and try to find the answers. This will only make your Bible reading sessions more intense, more wholesome, and more enlightening.

While the questions you ask will definitely play a huge role in how the whole experience is going to turn out, it is up to you to come up with the questions that are the most meaningful to you. I will list a couple of good examples to start with, but in the end, the best questions to ask when studying the Bible are the ones that are of interest to you. Here are some general Bible study questions to get you started.

General Bible Study Questions

When looking at the Bible as a whole, these are some good questions to have in mind and try to answer while reading it.

  1. What motivates me to read the Bible?
  2. What am I hoping to achieve by studying the Bible?
  3. What should I learn from reading the Bible?
  4. What does God want me to understand from the Bible?
  5. What is the Unforgivable Sin?
  6. Why does God keep letting bad things happen?
  7. What does God want me to do?
  8. What is God’s plan for all of us?
  9. Does God hear my prayers?
  10.  What should my relationship with God be?
  11. How can I relate closer to God?
  12.  What should I learn about people from God?
  13.  What does God want me to believe?
  14.  What does God want me to desire?
  15.  What are God’s commands and how can I follow them?

In-Depth Questions to Ask When Studying the Bible

When taking a more in-depth approach to studying the Bible, you will inevitably have to look at each passage individually. Here are some questions to help you in that process.

  1. What is the historical context of this passage?
  2. Who is part of the Bible intended for?
  3. Who are the key characters in this section, and what are their roles?
  4. What is the main message or theme of this passage?
  5. Are there any words that I don't understand?
  6. How does this verse connect to the passages before and after it?
  7. How does this verse fit into the narrative or theme of the book it's in?
  8. Are there any prophecies in this section? If so, have they been fulfilled?
  9. How does this passage help me understand God's nature and character?
  10. What does this book say about humanity or the human condition?
  11. What does this passage say about God's expectations for humans?
  12. How might this part improve my understanding of love, justice, mercy, or other concepts?
  13. How does this text affect my current beliefs or values?
  14. How does this passage relate to the concept of salvation in the Bible?
  15. How can I apply the principles in this verse to my everyday life?
  16. What does this section teach me about forgiveness?
  17. What does this passage teach me about faith and doubt?
  18. How does this book contribute to my understanding of suffering and hope?
  19. Does this passage make me act or change in any way?
  20. What prayer or praise does this passage inspire in me?
  21. Who are the Biblically accurate Demons?
  22. What are the 7 Deadly Sins in the Bible?
  23. Who is Jehovah Jireh?
  24. Does the Bible say that the Earth is flat?
  25. Is masturbation a sin?
  26. Who is God?
  27. What is The Gospel?
  28. What Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit means?
  29. What is the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament?

How to Get the Best Answers to Bible Study Questions?

Asking the right questions while reading the Bible is, without a doubt, important and can have a hugely positive effect on your spiritual journey. Finding the answers is on an entirely different level though. That is where the true wisdom of the Bible lies. So, how do we make sure that the answers we find are the right ones or the ones we really need?

Well, there are plenty of solutions out there. Since the Bible is an immensely important piece of literature, one that basically represents the core teachings of one of the most widespread religions, a lot of effort and time has been invested over the centuries in explaining it and making it as accessible as possible. Therefore, finding the information you require can be somewhat easier than you might expect. Here are some choices you have.

1. Study Bibles

These special Bibles are designed specifically to aid in the learning process. They contain more data and information than regular editions and include additional side notes, commentaries, explanations, and pretty much everything a beginner would need.

Since you are probably going to have a lot of questions while reading the Bible, especially the first couple of times you do it, these study Bibles can be a great way to find your answers. 

2. Online Resources

If study Bibles aren’t your thing or you simply cannot find what you are looking for in them, you should know that the Internet is an amazingly effective tool when it comes to finding the answers to your Bible questions.

There are plenty of online platforms dedicated to the Bible and Christianity, online communities of believers, and websites where every single aspect of the Bible is thoroughly dissected and explained. Joining one of these communities or platforms can be a great way to shorten your journey toward finding the answers you are looking for. 

Many of the questions you’re having have been already asked by others before you and chances are the answers can still be found online. One thing you need to make sure though is to choose very carefully what sources of information you access. There are many interpretations of the Bible and Christianity in general out there and you might stumble upon some inaccuracies from time to time. 

3. The Bible Chat App

By far the best way to find all the answers about the Bible is using the Bible Chat app. It combines the power of AI with our dedication to providing you with the ultimate spiritual experience. Here’s what BibleChat can do for you.

  • Answer anything. Our app uses artificial intelligence to generate accurate answers to any questions you may have. Whether you need explanations about a particular part of the Bible or you simply need to ask something about a situation you are in, our AI chatbot is going to come up with a great answer that strictly follows the teachings of the Bible. 
  • Guidance. Our AI chatbot can be your ultimate guide on your journey through spirituality. It can help you find your way when you feel lost or when your faith is shaking. Whether your doubts are creeping in or you just have been suffering long enough with unanswered prayers, all you have to do is tell our AI Chatbot what is troubling you. It will always find the right words to reassure you that you are on the right path.
  • Prayers. Sometimes it is hard for us to find the right words when talking to God. Finding the perfect way to pray can be difficult from time to time. Well, no more! The Bible Chat app can generate the perfect prayer for you in a heartbeat. Just tell our AI Chatbot what is troubling you or explain the situation you are in and it will create a personalized prayer, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Get the main ideas from the Bible. If you are struggling with understanding certain parts of the Bible, you can ask our AI chatbot to summarize it for you. That way, you will get a synthesized version of the passages you have been struggling with and this will significantly increase your chances of understanding them. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the right questions to ask when studying the Bible can change your experience and can improve your overall level of involvement in the process. With the right Bible study questions and our AI Bible Chat app, you are armed with everything you need for a smooth and enlightening journey through spirituality and faith. 

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