How to Understand the Bible as a Beginner?

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Reading the Bible can be a wholesome and enlightening experience. The thing about the Bible is that it is meant to be understood more than simply read. The ordeal of understanding the Bible for beginners can be a challenging one. This holy Book has been written thousands of years ago over the course of several centuries and tackles topics related to God, life lessons rooted in spirituality, and all the Christian principles. As you can imagine, all that can be a lot to take in at once while reading the Bible.

The Bible Chat App comes to aid you in the process in more ways than you can imagine. Through the power of artificial intelligence, it can be your guide through this journey of understanding the Bible. And on top of providing you with an amazingly helpful tool, we want you to have all the necessary information to help you throughout your journey. Here’s what you should know about understanding the Bible as a beginner. 

Why Is Understanding the Bible Important?

The Bible is an incredibly relevant book for Christianity. It plays a central role in this religion, being a compilation of teachings gathered by tens of authors throughout the centuries that marked the genesis of this religion. The Bible is not important only for its implications in religion though.

It also has historical value, offering insights into the events that played out thousands of years ago. It offers moral and ethical guidance to those who read and understand it, it is relevant through the cultural impact it had on literature, art, and music. Also, its content, through the concepts and principles that were introduced, has shaped legal systems and philosophical thought throughout thousands of years. 

Leaving aside the big picture and all the reasons why the Bible in itself is important, it is also extremely relevant when we look at its influence on individual readers. If you are a beginner wondering if reading the Bible is actually worth your time, the answer is a resounding yes. Here’s why.

  1. It will help with religious and spiritual growth
  2. It will provide you with guidance in your life
  3. It will increase your cultural and historical understanding
  4. It will help you engage with the religious community
  5. It will aid with interfaith dialogue in your community
  6. It will help you develop better critical thinking and will boost your interpretation skills
  7. It will guide you through the process of transforming yourself and engaging in inspiring and enlightening personal insight.

Learning how to understand the Bible and putting effort into the process will come with a huge series of benefits. But achieving the level of comprehension that truly makes the Bible an invaluable compilation of religious texts is generally not going to be easy unless you have some tips and tricks to make things go smoother. 

9 Ways to Better Understand the Bible

While understanding the true meaning of the Bible and absorbing its teachings usually starts in early childhood and becomes second nature in later stages of life, reading the Bible yourself will truly enrich your spirituality and will soothe your soul. That is if you really understand everything the Bible really is about. 

Here’s what you can do to gain a better understanding of God’s teachings.

1. Choose the Right Bible Version or Translation

From a strictly technical point of view, the Bible you choose is going to play a huge role. While the spiritual aspect of reading the Bible will not be influenced by print quality or the quality of the translation, the process of truly understanding and absorbing information from the Bible is going to depend on the choices you make.

Since the Bible was written thousands of years ago by various authors and contains some of the most important religious teachings to have ever been put on paper, it is easy to understand why there are so many versions and translations available. 

Out of the plethora of Bible versions available, some stand out as being more “user-friendly” to a certain extent. They are easier to read, and they have been translated into a language that is easy to understand while staying completely true to the original texts. These are the versions recommended by experts as being ideal for those who want to understand the Bible and its contents with ease:

Choosing one of these will make the process of reading and understanding the Bible a lot smoother.

2. Make a Plan

Planning your reading sessions and tackling the process of understanding the Bible with a structured and well-organized approach is definitely a recipe for success. Ideally, you would leave nothing up to chance. 

Planning the process of understanding the Bible should start with choosing the right version of the Bible to study. Once you’ve made this choice, you should start thinking of ways you can organize your time to accommodate your new goal. Set some time aside every day to study the Bible and make sure you stick to your own schedule.

You should realize that what you are tackling is understanding the core teachings of a religion that has been around for thousands of years. In order to be able to truly comprehend everything and absorb all the information and implement the ideology into your own life, you will need to be prepared to put in some work. 

Whether you study for one hour every day, or for 20 minutes every other day, you need to have realistic expectations regarding the duration of the process.

3. Choose a Study Bible or Use Additional Resources

A good alternative to the classic Bible you may have in your house is using a study Bible. These are specifically created and edited in a way that encourages you to actually learn what you read.

They contain additional information, side notes, and other texts that will allow you to better understand the Bible as a beginner and to put everything in context historically. That means you will gain a much better understanding of how and why certain events in the Bible occurred and you will have a much better chance of actually being able to extract the true meaning of the texts. 

Alternatively, you can always use a regular Bible (as long as you choose one from the list above) and pair it with additional resources. There are many books dedicated to explaining the meaning of the Bible, online platforms where you can find additional information, and many other ways of keeping yourself informed. Don’t hesitate to use all the tools at your disposal.

4. Read Slowly and Annotate

One thing you need to constantly keep in mind is that reading the Bible is not something you should do quickly. The process has no meaning if you don’t truly understand and absorb the teachings of the Bible in the end.

In order to really understand it, the Bible should be read slowly. Read in small increments every day and don’t hesitate to put pen to paper and jot down your thoughts and observations. 

Whether you choose to annotate the Bible by writing your side notes directly on it or if you use a different solution like making notes on a separate piece of paper, or even keeping a journal to expand on your own ideas, the important thing to remember is that in order to understand the Bible, you need to be as involved in the process as humanly possible.

Underline,  make side notes, jot down your own interpretation of various passages, and use an approach that is similar to studying from a textbook. 

5. Pray, Meditate, and Reflect

Reading the Bible should be a spiritual experience. It should involve a certain level of introspection, you need to understand God’s teachings from your own perspective, and you should always keep in mind that the true meaning of the words goes way beyond what you notice at first sight.

Prayer is also important during the process. Asking the divinity for patience, wisdom, and the power to understand and go deep into the true meaning of the Bible can have great results. It also makes the experience a lot more wholesome and spiritual.

They say that every period or full stop is an opportunity while reading the Bible. Each sentence, verse, or passage you read should be followed by a short session of reflection. Think about what you read every time you finish a passage and try to understand the true meaning of the words.

6. Join a Bible Study Group

Asking for help while studying the Bible is nothing to be ashamed of. Bible study groups exist for a reason. Whether you are a beginner, just discovering the Bible and its teachings, and struggling with understanding their meaning, or an experienced Bible reader, you will certainly be welcome to join.

Bible study groups offer you the amazing opportunity of finding out what others understand while reading the Bible. As I said, the Holy Book is a very subjective collection of texts, and each reader has a different understanding of its teachings.

You can join the community and ask questions whenever something is unclear, or you can even join with the sole purpose of taking part in spiritual discussions. 

7. Questions Are Important

Questioning God is not a sin, and neither is questioning the Bible. A true believer is said to be able to find the answers to every question within the Scripture. As a beginner, asking questions, whether you ask someone more experienced in theology, or you ask yourself, will definitely improve your level of understanding.

The teachings have many different meanings and there are many hidden messages in the Scripture. Questioning everything you read and making the effort to actually understand and improve the way you absorb the information is going to make a huge difference.

8. Put the Things You Learn Into Practice

There is a lot for you to learn from the Bible. There are many life lessons hiding in the teachings of God and in order to truly understand them you will need to apply them to your own life.

Your existence is deeply rooted in divinity and getting in touch with God’s teachings will make you change the way you see life and how you navigate various situations. Truly understanding the Bible means making every single decision in your life according to the rules and teachings of the Bible.

Learning God’s will and respecting His word will only happen by actually applying what you read in the Bible to real-life situations you face. 

9. Use the Right Tools

Obviously, the best advice for truly understanding the Bible for beginners is to take advantage of every single resource and Bible study tool available. Reading and comprehending the Bible is not an easy task, as it contains the most important Christian teachings gathered through centuries starting thousands of years ago.

Comprehending hundreds of years of events and lessons is not going to come easy to anyone. But the good news is that you can now take advantage of a particularly special and helpful tool.

The Bible Chat App can be the ultimate companion for you in the process of understanding the Bible. Powered by AI, our app can come to your help in surprising ways. For example, you can simply chat with our AI-powered chatbot and ask anything about anything. Whether you need some more information about a certain passage of the Bible that you can’t really seem to decipher on your own, or you are simply looking for some guidance, our AI chatbot is going to be of great help.

Our app will be able to provide the best possible guidance in your spiritual journey. You can ask for personalized advice on how to better understand the teachings of the Bible, or you can even talk to the AI bot to learn how you can navigate difficult situations while also following God’s will.

On top of this, the app can generate AI-powered personalized prayers. Simply tell the chatbot about your troubles and worries, and it will create a special prayer tailored to your needs. 

Final Thoughts on Understanding the Bible for Beginners

So, how to make understanding the Bible for beginners a smoother process? Follow our advice above, respect the process, and use the right tools. Download the Bible Chat App today and learn how to harness the power of AI to guide your spiritual journey. 

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